1904rt x Norwood Paragon skills training sessions

1904rt and Norwood Paragon hosted the first of a series of three 2022 season prep skills training sessions at Cyclopark in December.

The coach led session was delivered by Ian Watson, the manager at men’s and women’s race team Team Brother UK – LDN, and incorporated a range of skills useful for everyone from beginners looking to join group rides with confidence, to seasoned racers.

The session began with a focus on efficient cornering, but progressed towards learning how to escape a ‘boxed in’ position in a sprint, or indeed, how to initiate the boxing!

All riders made progress following the three hours of coaching, despite extremely testing conditions supplied by the Great British Weather.

This was the first of a series of sessions, made possible through funding from Reigate based cycling club Norwood Paragon. The goal of this series is to grow participation, particularly in women’s racing across the South, by inspiring confidence through an introduction to race skills in a friendly environment.

Dates for spring and summer sessions will be announced in due course. All sessions will be open to men and women, and are suitable for beginners through to experienced racers.

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