1904RT – Who are we?

Norwood Paragon (ancient cycling club) and Maison du Velo (Reigate based bike shop) have got real friendly over the last few years. The resultant lovechild: 1904RT.

We’ve got a men’s and women’s squad, with some pretty exciting signings, and support from both of the above plus Lindfield Coffee Works (because everyone appreciates a good brew).

The goal is to combine the benefits of an established cycling club, and all the knowledge (and race promotion powers/grassroots cycling support) that brings, with all the snazz that inspires a… slightly different generation.

Our base is in Surrey, but you’ll spot a few riders in London and further afield. Riders receive discounts in store on hardgoods (including bikes!) as well as softgoods and expertise, like the contents of MDV bike fitting extraordinaire Paul Drake’s mind.

Our team manager is Austyn Tusler – he acts as Director Sportif, managing the race schedule and rider selection for target races. Day-to-day decisions will be made by Maison du Velo’s Tim Bishop on the men’s side and Michelle Arthurs-Brennan on the women’s.

The team will be stepping out in gear from Maison du Velo’s in-house brand, Hoste, printed in a design voted for by those who will be wearing it.

Women’s Team:

  • Michelle Arthurs-Brennan
  • Helen Bridgman
  • Kat Broadbent
  • Gemma Hayes
  • Anna Marie Hughes
  • Joy Lisney
  • Mathilde Pauls
  • Tina Reid
  • Carolyn Swan
  • Viv Tomlinson

Men’s Team:

  • Tim Bishop
  • James Bishop
  • Andy Critchlow
  • Alex Hunter
  • Ralph de Kanter
  • Pedro Lopes
  • Ben Moores
  • Chris Moores
  • Jamie Pullen

Follow us:
Twitter: 1904RT
Instagram: 1904RT