1904rt and 2020

Well, I think we can all agree that the 2020 season has not been quite what we expected.

Our riders arrived back from a training camp in Denia in early March 2020, just as the UK went into lockdown. Racing has been scant; health and wellbeing has been the priority. We’re extremely proud of the members of our team who work for the NHS, and those of us working less life-saving jobs from home have been ringing our cowbells hard for them from the sidelines.

With riders scattered across Surrey, Kent and London, most of our team morale boosting has taken place via WhatsApp, Zoom, and a couple of group Zwift rides. However, modern technology has helped keep the team ethos tight, if anything, strengthening relationships as we all navigate the strangest summer of our lives.

However, with regulations easing the team has been able to organise small guideline abiding group rides, and we’ve even had a little (extremely successful) competition – with Mathilde winning the Chronos RT 10m TT followed by a win for Jenny Andrews in the CC Ashwell Summer Cross race.

It remains to be seen how much opportunity there will be to pin a number on during what’s left of 2020. However, the cross season stretches ahead, as does the adrenaline enthused track calendar.

Lockdown has been a very humbling experience for – well – probably all of humanity, and we’re mindful that so many people have experienced difficulty – financially, mentally and for some through loss. As much as we love racing, it’s not been the number one priority for us. Supporting each other has been paramount, and we believe that the bonds made during this year will see the team through many seasons of happy racing when the time is right.

As ever, we remain thankful to the sponsors who have helped make this team a reality in the strangest of years:

x Norwood Paragon

x Maison du Velo, Reigate

x InGear, Forest Row

x NamedSport

x Target Velo

x NamedSport

x Rapha

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